Trawlermen: Hunting the Catch

300,000 square miles of ocean. 3 GPS-tracked voyages, filmed around the clock. One week at sea. From the North Sea to the English Channel, 24 fishing boats – filmed across one epic winter – all hunting the catch. High drama on the high seas around Britain.

Trawlermen: Hunting the Catch tells the story of Britain’s fishermen on a scale not seen before: a national scale. With access across the UK’s deep-sea fishing fleet from Shetland to Cornwall – from £35 million pelagic mackerel boats and state-of-the-art squid hunters to supercrabbers and beam trawlers – satellite data simultaneously tracks the voyages of three boats on their grounds around Britain. From the North Sea to North Atlantic, the Irish Sea to the English Channel, these are some of richest fishing grounds in the world making competition for the catch intense.

Skippers must hunt the catch 24/7 if they are to earn a wage for themselves and their crew. All through hell and high water. This is the most dangerous job in Britain, and failure means risking your life for no reward.

2023 RTS West, Factual: Winner
2023 RTS West, Production Management: Winner

‘Raw and engrossing’ – Daily Mail

‘An immersive and intense insight into a world where the margins are as tight as the living quarters’ – Daily Telegraph