A Paedophile in My Family: Surviving Dad

A successful businesswoman and mum confronts a childhood of repeated sexual abuse by her father in this emotional depiction of the power of speaking up.

A highly personal film following Emily Victoria, a woman who – on the surface – has an enviable life as a mother and successful businesswoman. But, unbeknownst to friends and colleagues, she carries the weight of a childhood no-one should experience – repeated sexual abuse by her father.

Following his release from prison, Emily considers confronting the person who dominated her past. She reaches out to those from her childhood: teachers, family friends and her mother, trying to understand how her abuse remained hidden for so long.

Through her pursuit of knowledge, Emily reconnects with the police officers who dealt with her case and is shocked by a revelation she sees as her father’s manipulation and cowardice. As she grapples with whether opening old wounds is worth it, she’s determined to help others who have suffered similarly.

The film is an emotional portrayal of the effects of long-term abuse, showing the importance of confronting the past and the power of speaking up. Emily’s story is a testament to the need to support survivors of abuse – and do what we can to encourage and empower them to speak out.

Grierson Awards - Best Single Documentary, Domestic: Nominee

Best Documentary Presenter: Nominee

New Voice Awards - Debut Presenter, Emily Victoria: Winner

‘Hopefully films like hers will encourage other sufferers to speak out sooner, because if there is a throughline to her story it was that everyone wished they’d said something, but no-one did’ – Daily Telegraph